Orchidaceae clitorisvulvaris

Botanical compositions with imaginary orchids that take the form of a vulva.

Organs without body

Installation with paintings of human organs.

Drawers of nails, flesh and hair

Thirteen wooden boxes with photographs  and oil painting.

Iridaceae vulvaris

Botanical compositions with imaginary iris that take the form of a vulva.

Art cramps

Remakes of art history watercolored with menstrual blood.

Portraits of Maoris

Portraits of Maoris and Brazilian Indians.

Botanical Watercolors

    Botanical watercolors: herbs, flowers,    fish, birds, fruits, etc.

Dress up my blood

Fashion drawings watercolored with menstrual blood.

Mural Painting

Portrait of Cacique Raoni at Boteco Vila Mada, Brazilian pub in Paris.