I cannot stop myself of flowing

Sentence Je ne peux pas m'empêcher de m'écouler embroidered with hair on the palm of the hand and calligraphed with menstrual blood on the leg.


   Beauty spots connected a with pen     forming constellations on the skin. 


       Bath with slide projections of hairs      and other baths. 

Psychomagical Act

After a Tarot reading, I was asked to make a "psychomagical act" : I should scatter drops of my urine in my favorite places in Paris to mark my emotional territory.

Beauty care: Eyelashes

False eyelashes made with nails.

Terpsícore Capillaris

Dance improvisation with Marcelle Louzada, Dress up my hair project.

Offering to Iemanjá

On the beach of Jericoacoara in Brazil, I’have made my individual and silent offering to Iemanjá. I dissolved in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean my menstrual blood.

Beauty care: Nail polish

Nail polish made with blood from the cuticles.

Artemísia Capillaris

       Process of cutting, weaving and           dressing up the hair.