Penetrable Installation: Corporallis

Penetrable installation, fabrics embroidered with body's waste, designed as a metaphor for the outside and inside of the body.

The Woman Destroyed

Installation with arabesques and weaving hair, hand loom and hair drawing in the mirror of wooden dresser. 


Installation with the photographic series Interference, plates and glass shelves, copper plates and acid etching.

Abject Desire: Apothecaries

Collection of bodily waste stored in perfume bottles, installation with plates and glass shelves. 

Art in the Bathrooms

Two installations in the bathrooms of the Bar do Careca in Belo Horizonte, project Art in the Bathroom from the festival Comida de Buteco. Corporal hair, body residues in perfume glasses and adhesives with hair printed.

Drawers of nails, flesh and hair

Thirteen wooden boxes with photographs and oil painting.

Abject Desire: Capillaris

Installation with arabesques and weaving hair, hand loom and sewing material on glass and iron tub.


Iron gantry and mannequin’s legs dressed with several layers of stockings, objects attached through metal embroidery.