Reliquary Jewelry

Jewelry made of brass gold and silver. Hair, nails and copper wire encrusted in transparent resin cabochon (menstrual blood pigment at the bottom).  

Abject Desire: Reliquary

Reliquary box with arabesques and weavings in hair, mirrors and glasses. 

Hair underwear

Underwear weaved in the manual loom with the artist’s hair. Transitional object for performances, photographs and videos. 

Music Box: Terpsícore

Musical box out of wood, jewels in hair and ballerina dressed with hair. Video Terpsícore Capillaris posted on a shelf fixed at the place of the mirror.  

Body Books

Six artist's books with hair, tears, blood, nails, teeth and skin.


Manual high castle loom, used for the hair underwear weaving.

Abject Desire: The Second Sex

Three frameworks with ornaments in hair and fragments of the book “The second sex” of Simone de Beauvoir written with menstrual blood.

Photographic Reliquary

Three reliquary boxes with photographs and embroideries with copper wire on iron fabric.

Sewing box

Interferences, embroideries and weavings on sewing box out of wooden.